Notary Supplies

The following notary supplies are available for ordering a la carte. To place your order, just submit our Notary Supply Order Form. The Notary Bond and Errors & Omissions Insurance may also be ordered online. Click here to place your order.

  • The Notary Bond (Required by State)
    4-year $5,000.00 notary public bond is issued in duplicate and meets the bond requirements for the State of Arizona. The issuing company is “A+” rated by AM Best and treasury listed. All bonds are issued directly from our office in Peoria, Arizona and sent to you by first class mail within 24 hours from receipt of your order. All notary public bonds issued have a $5,000.00 bond amount and all fees are fully earned upon issuance of the bond.
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
    The notary bond protects the general public, not the notary. In fact, after a bonding company pays damages on a claim against a notary, it has the right to seek monetary recovery from the notary. Even if a suit isn’t valid, the notary could still be faced with costly attorney’s fees. Notaries named in lawsuits are almost always honest, responsible citizens who are conscientious about their notarial duties and do not cheat or deceive anyone. The vulnerable position notaries find themselves in is often the result of employer pressure, fraudulent identification, or unfamiliarity with the law; yet, the notary may still be held responsible and liable. Our errors and omissions policy will pay covered claims (including attorney’s fees) up to the limit of the policy for innocent and unintentional mistakes. There is no deductible. The errors and omissions insurance policy is for four years and coincides with the same time period as your notary bond. Note: Errors and omissions insurance is not a requirement for your notary commission.
  • Notary Record Book
    Arizona State law requires a notary to use a record book meeting State requirements. Our record book is the only commercially available book that is designed solely and exclusively for the State of Arizona.
  • Inkless Fingerprint Pad

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.